Stencil graffiti website updated

taken from have just updated my website, Schablonengraffiti in Freiburg-Mittelwiehre [stencil graffiti in Freiburg-Mittelwiehre], adding 11 new pieces, including the iconic lion’s head pictured here. While doing so, I realised it has been almost a year since the previous update (July 2011), due to my less and less frequent visits to Freiburg. Although graffiti in this part of Freiburg have quite long runs on average, many pieces must have been sprayed and buffed between this website update and the last. Does that mean the website has missed its aim to record all stencil graffiti activity in Mittelwiehre? Not quite. It still works well as an extensive and thus representative sample of the totality of stencil graffiti pieces in the city district. This is a major difference to most other street art websites that arbitrarily select only the “best” pieces. The former, broader approach is valuable – and even necessary – for a street art history that doesn’t focus on the big names. Maybe one day, the data gathered on Schablonengraffiti in Freiburg-Mittelwiehre will prove useful for graffiti studies. In the meantime, enjoy the lions, the Stewie Griffins (from Family Guy), Mikey Wilson (a.k.a. the middle finger kid), the hip hop monkey